Our Pricing


You can save money on almost any IT equipment needs that your company has by purchasing your equipment from RepowerIT, rather than from the manufacturer (OEM) or from an "authorized" reseller/partner of the OEM. We buy and sell several of the leading IT hardware brands in liquidation scenarios, and pass those savings along to you.

The primary brands of equipment we sell include Cisco, Polycom, Dell, and HP. There are many other brands of equipment we sell - it all depends on what kinds of high quality IT equipment are available to us at affordable prices.

We are not a partner or authorized reseller of any of these brands, which enables us to source product from wherever we can find it in the surplus market. Authorized partners and resellers of some major brands, like Cisco, are forced to only source their products from the manufacturer or their approved sources. This usually means that you can never buy "surplus" equipment from them, and must pay the manufacturer's high prices.

RepowerIT sources its products from a variety of money-saving sources, such as:

  • IT Equipment Refreshes where the business has purchased newer equipment, replacing the old. What's one person's trash may be another person's treasure - and that is often the case with IT equipment which has been replaced.
  • Data Center Liquidations which include used Cisco, Dell & HP servers, Data Domain, Sun, HP Procurve, EMC, and others
  • Companies which purchase brand new in box equipment and their business needs change, resulting in them never deploying or even opening that equipment

Surplus Cisco equipment accounts for a large majority of our business. We buy & sell brand new factory sealed surplus Cisco, as well as used, excellent condition equipment which we clean, test, and provide warranty on.

If we don't list an item in stock, we can probably get it for you. We are members of industry leading trade associations which provide us with access to see pricing and availability from thousands of other resellers, so we can oftentimes supply you with IT equipment for lower prices than you'll find elsewhere online.

Please call us at 855-487-3769 or e-mail us if you don't see what you need.